The Issues


The schools in Howard County are among best in the Maryland. But as good as they are and as committed as all of us are to excellence in education, we cannot and must not waver in trying to make them even better.

As Delegate, my main priorities will be:

  • Keep all Howard County schools including junior colleges and technical schools more than competitive.
  • Ensure that ALL schools provide a real learning opportunity for each and every student.
  • Provide the learning tools and resources to help students reach their highest potential.
  • Universal Pre-K/Pre-School for ALL children.
  • Increased funding and resources for our most at-risk students and those with Special Needs.
  • Increasing the technology capabilities in all schools.
  • Advocating adequate compensation, benefits and professional development to keep our present, high-quality teachers and to attract the best and brightest in the years to come.

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. We should not forget that our generation will depend on them in the very near future. At the same time, our teachers are the backbone of the education system. Their value must be duly compensated and enhanced. That is why the upgrading of our education system must continue to be everyone’s priority.


We must develop a mindset in people that encourages them to create and start their own enterprises. Not only will these new entrepreneurs create a job for themselves but for others as well. As Delegate, I will make it a point to initiate mentoring programs and incentives for budding entrepreneurs regardless of their ages. This will help in reducing our state’s dependencies on federal budget fluctuations and will attract major corporations to our state resulting in a higher state income.

As Delegate I will promote:

  • Innovative public investment dedicated to create jobs and strengthen our local economy.
  • Programs that increased assistance to small, local businesses.
  • Tax credits for job creation.
  • Investing in “green” initiatives whose objective is job creation


Businesses can only grow and families will only feel more secure if we provide a safe, secure and healthy environment. But this is not just the responsibility of county government. It is an ongoing endeavor that must involve us all: citizens, businesses and government.

That is why I believe we all must:

  • Do our part in protecting, embellishing and sustaining the environment because our economy, quality of life and future depend on it.
  • Be pro-active and ever vigilant over our water quality and natural resources.
  • Continue to lead the nation in efforts to promote the all-important development and use of alternative energy sources.
  • Create programs that provide grants to private citizens, businesses, and local governments to defray the development and costs of alternative and renewable energy products.
  • Work to renew funding for Project Open Space.
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels and aggressively improve our water and air quality.

Public Safety

Besides focusing on the fragile natural resources surrounding us, which certainly have a significant impact on our well-being and that of future generations, we must recognize that a safe and secure environment also affect one’s creativity and productivity.

That is why I support:

  • More resources and increased funding for our public safety personnel.
  • Stiffer penalties for child abuse, human trafficking, being a sexual predator and gun violence.
  • Increased government accountability and transparency so everyone can have added access to their elected officials and the legislative process.

Primary Election Day
Tuesday, June 24


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