Nayab SiddiquiSuccess doesn’t happen by itself. You have to have a vision and work for it. As you reach a goal you establish higher goals and continue the journey toward excellence


Nayab Siddiqui has worked hard for every inch of his success. His journey has taken him from poverty to owning a prosperous IT firm, yet he sees that he can do more.


For Nayab Siddiqui, real satisfaction comes by serving others in need. He is working towards making a positive change for others in Howard County by helping them gain access to the same life-changing opportunities he took advantage of: superior Education, a stable Economy, and a healthy and safe Environment.


That’s why Nayab Siddiqui is running for the Maryland House of Delegates from Howard County’s sprawling District 13—to help people not only make difference today but to take our county from good to great.


For Nayab, education is where it all starts. At an early age, he made it a priority and worked his way through school to earn his BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering. He believes that whether it is pre-K, post-graduate or learning a trade, every education experience must be the best it can be.


Once out of school, he got the encouragement and proper mentoring needed to start a business. When jobs were scarce, Nayab found that it made more sense to create his own job through Entrepreneurship.


He believes that the best way to sustain success is to ensure a healthy and safe environment where you live and work.

Siddiqui’s three E’s slogan are what he looks to bring, along with a fourth E, excellence, to all of his fellow-citizens in Howard County and Maryland.


Siddiqui’s commitment to excellence and the fruition of his hard work is seen in his aforementioned successful IT business. Established in 1985 in Howard County, the business has been an integral part of the local economy.

A resident of Howard County for over 30 years, Siddiqui and his wife, Janet, have three children who are products of Howard County Public Schools. With the help of their teachers and school administrators they are now studying to be a physician, dentist and engineer, respectively.


Over the years, Siddiqui provided volunteer services to Howard County which included coaching youth soccer and basketball.

Siddiqui is no stranger to Democratic-party politics having worked in many campaigns including those for his wife who has been serving on the Howard County Board of Education for the past 7 years.


“I am running for office to help those who need help the most,” Siddiqui said. “I was once in their shoes and I know what it takes to make it. If I can help them to be successful then that would be very satisfying and beneficial to our county and state.”

Primary Election Day
Tuesday, June 24


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March 19, 2014

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